About Us


We didn’t find this farmhouse, it found us while on our honeymoon in May of 2017. We met and started dating in Cape Cod, MA, and on our first date, Paul said to me (Kate) that he’d love to own a retreat center in the Azores one day. I immediately lit up inside (and knew he was the one) because I too had been dreaming of opening a wellness center someday. We both share a love for healing through food and nature - all of which the Azores offers and more.

Paul grew up working in the fields at his family’s farm in Cape Cod, and took what he learned at a young age to creating a sustainable lifestyle of growing his own organic food once he was out on his own. He first learned of his family’s Azorean ancestry in 2014 when he decided to spend 6 weeks in Sao Miguel discovering his lineage, and said he’d never felt more at home. It was then that he knew he wanted to own a piece of paradise there someday, and it’s the perfect place to celebrate his love for nature, sustainable living and farming.

I hadn’t heard of the Azores until our first date, and it was only 6 months later that I joined Paul in our first trip there together. There was no denying that indeed, this place was a true gem! From soaking in the hot springs, to hiking and meditating on the mountains, I felt completely at peace. After many years of immersing myself in yoga, alternative healing, food studies and practices, the island undoubtedly brought that sense of balance and wellbeing that I had been after. On our third visit there together - first time as a newly dating couple, second time when we he proposed to me, and third time on our honeymoon - we found ourselves standing on the cliff of this property, and I turned to Paul and said, “this is where we do yoga.”

It was a no brainer, this was the property that would allow for us to follow our passions and dreams of creating a rejuvenating experience to share with others. Our intention is to open this space for guests to bask in the bliss of nature’s healing therapies, to unwind from the daily stressors of life and reconnect with themselves through the amazing food, culture, community and adventure of the Azores.

We hope you enjoy your stay and rediscover yourself. We look forward to meeting you and guiding you on your journey.

Kate + Paul